Jogo Joia

Jogo Joia can be roughly translated as "Jewel Game", it can also be translated as an alliterative pun equivalent to "Good Game", as if spoken with dated slang.

We are a very small team of two developers based in São Paulo, working on games and other sightly endeavours.

Our backgrounds are quite diverse, with our shared experience including theatre, cinema, publicity, design, young (naïve) youtubing, community management, and, somehow, the arcane arts of game development.

We both enjoy writing weird fantastic realism, developing odd first-person experiences, and giving people something to see and wonder as they go.

Our work-in-progress title, Roguetop, is a virtual tabletop designed for board games and role-playing that gently/aggressively nudges the player towards a more immersible experience than the average alternative; one where the lines between the mechanics and organics of "traditional" and digital games are blurred.

Fact Sheet for Roguetop

Developer: Jogo Jóia; based in São Paulo, São Paulo

Planned release date: Q4 2019

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux


Price: TBA

Availability: Digital download

Languages: English

File size: <150 MB

Press contact:

Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Downloads of our branding material and screen-shots of our games will be released as soon as they become available.