We are Jogo Joia, independent game developers. Our games are carefully polished for the consumer of discerning taste. Our methods are unearthly.


Right now we are working on a little gem named Roguetop (website), a virtual tabletop that looks as cool as the tales you'll be sharing over it. It is mainly aimed at role-players and tabletop gamers who are looking for something a bit more aesthetically pleasing than what other platforms offer.

Newspaper-tinted screen-shot of Roguetop, featuring art by Oryx Design Lab.

Roguetop will be coming out around late 2019 for PC, Mac, and Linux. Early beta testing will begin soon.


Our very own digital Press Kit is kept updated with the latest videos, screen-shots, gifs, and technical details.

If you are interested in tabletop gaming, online role-playing, or any related matter, you might be interested in joining our Discord community, where free access to our development builds of Roguetop will be offered during the closed beta.

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